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Top Ten Hiring Mistakes


  • Failing to define job objectives – Create a Performance-Based Position Profile.
  • Basing hire on failings of previous person – Create a new basis for a new hire.
  • Inadequate pool of qualified candidates – Cast a wide net with multiple sources.
  • Unstructured or poorly executed interviews – Prepare well, use performance based questions, assign different roles to different interviewers.
  • Evaluating personality instead of capability – You CAN be objective for just one hour!
  • Failing to incorporate “recruiting” in process – Candidate is evaluating you and your firm too.
  • Hiring people just like yourself – Balance your traits with complimentary skills.
  • Failing to thoroughly check references – No news is good news? Not in hiring!
  • Hiring too fast or too slow – Average replacement hire takes 18 months to have an impact. Many start-ups bust the budget with hiring too early.
  • Hiring someone without related company experience – Hire someone with contextual experience.