Candidate Evaluation

Critical to the success of our searches is the unique, precise, and accurate recruiting and candidate evaluation we perform. Our clients appreciate the detailed output which proves why the candidate is a fit for the position.

  • Target specific companies with size, scope, and focus appropriate to the search.
  • Identify individuals in targeted companies, and begin phone campaign.
  • Screen targeted individuals for background and experience, level of interest, and motivation.
  • Utilizing BOYLE OGATA BREGMAN’s proprietary interview system, determine the candidate’s specific ability to produce the essential results. We ask customized questions, unique to your search, to outline what evidence exists in the candidate’s experience that would enable the individual to produce the results needed in your detailed position profile.
  • Examine the person’s values, beliefs, goals, priorities, motivation, work style, etc. to find areas of congruence or disagreement with the company’s needs.
  • Assist employer to conduct a performance-based interview, including providing structured questions and in-house training if necessary.
  • Validate ability, background, experience, and character through reference checks.