Performance Profile

Creating the Performance-Based Position Profile
The cornerstone of our process is the creation of a detailed profile focused on the performance objectives for the position. We will ask you a series of specifically formulated questions that will elicit the information we need to produce an excellent specification.

We will:

  • Determine the most important, specific, tangible results needed from the key individual, and the performance measurement criteria that will determine if the person has been successful in producing the essential results.
  • Identify the values, beliefs, and character traits the successful candidate must possess to succeed in producing the desired outcomes, and to fit in the company’s culture.
  • Define the reporting relationship, career development potential, compensation details, and other important issues essential to properly profiling the position.
  • Identify the skills and experience required to accomplish the critical results.

The results are detailed profile similar to these samples:

Sample Profile CEO

Sample Profile SVP of Operations

Sample Profile VP of Engineering

Sample Profile – VP of Sales and Marketing

Sample Profile – GM MRO