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Interviewing Presidential Candidates

Saturday, June 25th, 2016

interview spotlight

Voting for President is like making the most important “hire” we have to make. As “employers”, we have to make sure the person can do the job, and be effective for at least 4 years, hopefully 8 years if they are really good. Our lives and our livelihoods may depend on making a great choice.

Putting politics aside for a moment (hard to do this year!), imagine if you could interview the Presidential candidates yourself. What would you ask them? Utilizing our Performance-Based approach to qualifying candidates, we could imagine asking them specific questions about their capabilities to perform the job.

Here’s a suggested list:

  • What would you do to restore credibility and trust with the American people and give them faith that our politicians can do a good job?
  • How will you keep America safe from terrorism? How will you defeat the threat from ISIS?
  • How would you improve our position in the world, including relationships with key players on the world stage, whether friend or foe?
  • What would you do to sustain growth in the economy?
  • How would you eliminate deficit spending and reduce our national debt?
  • What would you do about climate change?
  • Has Obamacare helped or hurt the country? What will you do about health care?
  • What is your position on education in this country? Is our educational system capable of preparing the next generation for leadership? What would you do about it?
  • How would you keep America free and equal for all people, including all religions and races, upholding our constitutional mandate?
  • What would you do about immigration?
  • What will you do about gun control and keeping citizens safe from mass attacks?
  • What would you do on social issues like same-sex marriage and abortion availability?

We all have our own answers on these important questions. Before you vote, take a moment to imagine you could interview the candidates – with these questions or your own list – and ensure that your vote is for the person most aligned with your position on the issues.

We all hope we’ll end up with a leader who can get things done, and who can fulfill the mission inherent in the questions above. It is up to each of us to be responsible in making the best choice in this critical hire.