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NBA Trading

On the eve of the shortened NBA season, I can’t help but pay attention to the player trades.

What if business owners could trade employees, like teams in the NBA?  Our local L.A. teams, the Lakers and Clippers have recently been in the news over big name trades, with Chris Paul coming to the Clips, NOT the Lakers, and the Lakers throwing off the NBA’s Sixth Man Award Winner Lamar Odom, much to Kobe Bryant’s consternation.

I think if trading were possible in business, we’d see some interesting deals.  A company with a really aggressive sales plan could acquire a really aggressive VP of Sales, and perhaps shed their plodders, who might fit in at a company more concerned about teamwork.  A visionary product development person (the equivalent of an outside shooter in the NBA) might help a company stuck with stale products to hit more three-pointers.  And, a financial whiz could help in a turnaround scenario more than in a slow-growth company.

What if, instead of salary caps and luxury taxes (in the NBA), there was a no nepotism rule in business.  So, if your son or daughter wanted to come into your business, you had to trade him or her for someone else’s progeny.  Wouldn’t that make business more interesting?

By the way, before you start pining for a first round draft pick, how would you like it if your VP of Sales & Marketing could change his name to Metta World Peace (like the Laker’s Ron Artest did).  How would that look on your business cards?!

Have fun watching basketball this season… what’s left of it, anyway!