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Don’t Act Your Age – Act 90!

I spotted an article last week by OC Register columnist (and frequent writer on aging well) Jane Glenn Haas entitled Tips for keeping your mind, body engaged.  Haas points out that the median age of Americans is climbing, and baby boomers are turning 65 every 7 seconds.  People who are participating in the care of elderly parents lose such a substantial amount of productivity, it costs American businesses $29 billion per year.

But, there is hope.  Many people living past 90 are in fact role models for the rest of us! (Like Pete Seeger in picture)

Jane mentions in her article having recently seen a documentary about people living very productive, active and happy lives.  The movie, produced by KOCE/PBS and AARP is entitled “Over 90 and Loving It”, produced by Susan Polis Schultz.  Haas points out that:

“The Promoters of this PBS special say there is a prescription for healthy aging reflected in these lives. They cite 10 points these elders share. Most of them suffer from health problems, like back pain, but they can easily resolve that with the help of this primary care physician tampa fl.

  • Maintain a positive attitude and focus on the positive. Don’t worry about anything.
  • Embrace maturity. Don’t think about how old you are. In fact, forget about it.
  • Keep doing things. Work hard following your passions.
  • Stay curious about the future but stay engaged in the present.
  • Make a difference in the lives of others.
  • Don’t focus on yourself.
  • Keep physically active and maintain a healthy lifestyle.
  • Choose to be around people who are positive.
  • Avoid people who are negative.
  • Don’t be afraid of death. Think of it as it is – something very natural and inevitable.”

As I read these tips on good living, I thought, why doesn’t this apply to everyone!?  So my new approach is to live like I would want to live if I were over 90, and hope that these tips help me get there.