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Resumes with No Address

I answered the following question on LinkedIn today, and thought I’d publish my thoughts on whether a home address is on resumes.

Q:  There is a growing concern among employment candidates with putting their home addresses on their resumes. Would you consider a candidate who sent you a resume with only a phone number or email contact?

A:  One of the reasons for this trend is that more people, especially executives, are willing to be “location agnostic” – work anywhere, and commute back to their home turf, often at their own expense.  They omit their address, because they don’t want an employer to de-select them based on location.

I think this trend is important for employers, because to get the best talent, it may be worth compromising.  Do you really need to know where your employee sleeps?  If they are at the Residence Inn 4 nights a week, and in your office 9-10 hours a day, and then 500 miles away 3 nights a week, if they get the job done, isn’t that what is important?

I believe that in general, the absence of an address on a resume should not be a concern in executive hires.  If there are any issues in the candidate being able to get to the job, put in the time, etc., those can surface in the interviews in other ways.