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Are You Too “Tied” to a Job?

Does your job have you by the throat?  In the last decade, everyone in America has become more cautious, and people are sticking with jobs they don’t like, just out of a need for safety and security.  Productivity in the US is at an extremely high level, which means not only have people weathered the recession in less-happy companies, they are overworked too! You can visit site for more information.

When we phone employed candidates and ask if they are open to exploring a change, we often get the knee-jerk response, “Oh, I’m very happy at my current company.”  When we probe for what is keeping them so happy, and once we establish a bit more rapport, the truth comes out – they aren’t really so happy.  BUT, they fear making a change, or life circumstances (kids in high school, elderly parents nearby) seem to prevent them from considering a change.

So, people continue to do things that don’t make them happy.  My philosophy as a recruiter is that part of my responsibility to open people up to alternatives – the idea that there could be something bigger, better, more challenging and more rewarding out there, if they allow themselves to see it. People accept limitations too easily – within themselves, and coming from their life circumstances.

So the point of today’s post is to open up.  Loosen the “tie” that could be strangling you, and consider other possibilities.  Life is short.  Most people who do what makes them happy ending up thriving and succeeding at it.  Take chances.  Even if you think you are happy with the status quo, what if there is something out there that you don’t realize yet could make you even happier?

In considering different employment, until you ultimately say “yes,” you always have the power to say “no.”  So keep saying “maybe”  – until you have enough information to be sure the new isn’t better than the old.