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What 20-Somethings Don’t Know

Millennials get a bit of a bum rap.  They are accused of being self-centered, detached, and not relevant to traditional businesses.  Businesses have to do “workarounds” to just deal with employing Millennials.  On the plus side, they are hip, connected, bright and have new ideas.

Whatever your opinion on millennials, if you have a kid in their 20’s, send them a link to this!

I spotted this great article today titled 20 Things 20-Year Olds Don’t Get in Forbes, by Jason Nazar, a founder of, and a writer on entrepreneurship.  Jason pulls no punches, and in plain language, tells it like it is.  The best part is that he is only 34, and founded a company while he was in his 20’s, so he has great credibility talking to the young’uns.

Some of his best observations:  Time Matters (have a sense of urgency), Make Phone Calls (rather than just using a computer), Take Initiative (Don’t wait to be told what to do), Own Mistakes (take responsibility), People over Perks (find people with integrity who can mentor you), Read Books (not just Tweets), Spend Less (save at least 25% of what you make).

The wisdom in this piece could fill several articles, but Jason says it concisely and perfectly.  Not to be missed!