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How to Ensure a Successful Job Search Audit

A successful job search results in an excellent new position for the job seeker. People who are successful in their jobs set goals, create a defined path to the goals, identify metrics, deliverables, timelines, etc. Many job seekers know to do this within their job search as well, but many don’t. Some job seekers move from one activity to another without much thought or planning. They look at ads, make a call or two, but don’t necessarily put in an 8-hour day or create a plan or schedule of actions. We invite those among you who are job seekers to take a proactive approach, look at your job hunt as your current “work project” and treat it the same as if you were working. Here is a quick way to audit your job search:

  • Marketing plan: What does your next employer look like? Who fits that description? What is the “available market” (total number of employers that could hire you). What is your value proposition to get your “market share” (job offers)?
  • Collateral material: Are your resume and cover letter market ready? Do they clearly differentiate you as unique, special, different and better? Do you show your “benefit to the buyer” – why your next employer will benefit from hiring you?
  • Sales plan: How will you reach the customers? Do you know how to network, first amongst your acquaintances, then among strangers when needed, to reach the right employers and enough of them?
  • Metrics: Job hunting is a numbers game. Call 100 prospective employers and you will likely have 5 interviews and one good job offer. Call 200, and you may have 10 interviews and 2-3 offers, and be in a position to make the best choice. It is always wise to prepare a complete campaign and reach the entire list of prospects. Don’t just stop when you get an interview scheduled.
  • Beating the competition: Recruiters use LinkedIn. Is your LinkedIn profile optimized to ensure all recruiters can find you? Beat out the people who have minimal LI profiles and minimal contacts by maximizing your number of contacts, uploading a content-rich resume with all needed keywords, and joining many (up to 50) relevant groups where the jobs are being posted. The recruiters are lurking for you.
  • Winning the job: Do you have the interview skills to win an offer? Do mock interviews with experts. Read interview books. Prepare and rehearse excellent illustrative stories that portray key leadership skills and technical capability, in the context of the employer’s needs.

Management level people look at process improvement all the time. Now is the time to “audit” your job search and see if you are at the “best practices” level.