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Robots Lure Kids To Manufacturing

The National Tooling and Machining Association is using Robots to make engineering and manufacturing jobs look cool to kids and young adults.

A recent article by NPR called Robot Wars Prepare Kids For Manufacturing Jobs, reports that the NTMA runs regional competitions and leagues where high schoolers compete to see who can build the best robot.  The robots are equipped with various weapons, and the goal is basically to destroy the competition and be the last robot standing.  By participating, the young people learn a few basics about design engineering, and they learn what manufacturing is all about.

NTMA says that not enough young people are choosing manufacturing as a profession, so the robotics initiative is a valuable way to interest kids in high tech manufacturing as an option.

I think this is a great way to make manufacturing seem cool and interesting, instead of boring, mundane or even distasteful.  Let’s face it, if we want to see “Made in America” stamped on anything down the road, we have to interest the next generation in working on it!