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Why You Don’t Hang Up on Recruiters

It always surprises my team when they come across a prospective candidate who is put-off or rude when a recruiter is calling to present an opportunity to them.  We sit back and wonder, if they realize that we are the gatekeepers of a potentially superior opportunity that could take their career to the next level.  What these candidates don’t realize is that although they can’t see the benefit in discussing new opportunities their compatriots and competitors do.  You can see in the poll above that nearly half of the executives surveyed are talking to recruiters, even when they are not actively looking.  Another thing to remember is that the recruiter calling you has likely spoken to many others in your exact position and may have valuable insights on happenings in the marketplace, engaging in a short conversation can be mutually valuable.  So next time you have the chance to speak with a headhunter make the most of it, if you don’t someone else will.