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Lessons from Charlie Sheen

Let me start by saying I think that Charlie Sheen is a genuine talent, whose personal behavior is really questionable.  BUT, he can’t be ignored.  If you Google (Lessons from “Charlie Sheen”), you will get 12 million hits, so everyone is trying to interpret his recent life events.

Ignoring all the negatives, here are the positive things I think can be learned:

Be an original:  Differentiation from the competition will get positive attention and support.

Put out a quality product:  Make sure what you do is the best it can be.

Be optimistic:  Focus on how to make things work for you, no matter what the circumstances.

Find opportunity in every difficulty:  Don’t book a speaking tour yet, but reframe all challenges and capitalize on the hidden opportunities in every difficulty.

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Don’t try to please everyone:  If you are true to yourself, and truly an original, not everyone will be a buyer, but those that do buy will be loyal customers.