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7 Excuses for Not Saving for Retirement

Yesterday was Easter, so eggs are still on my mind.  Nest eggs, that is.  Yahoo News today has a US News article by Emily Brandon on 7 Excuses Not To Save for Retirement.  You will probably guess that none of the “excuses” really hold up, and that the author is really advocating the opposing viewpoint – there is no excuse not to save for retirement.

It turns out that Emily only graduated college in 2004, but she has done enough research to really know her topic, and she writes really good advice for people of any age who want to plan ahead for retirement, even baby boomers already nearing retirement.  It really isn’t too late.  Check out more of Emily’s articles HERE.  She has good stuff on how to save even on a low income, tax-advantaged ways to save, and much more.