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Are you a “Mid-Cap”? If so, CONGRATS!

The S&P 400 Mid Cap Index measures the stock performance of US companies with a market value of $850 million to $3.8 billion.  7% of US companies fall into this category.  The S&P 400 Mid Cap Index hit an all-time record this week, and still has room to go according to the resistance line shown on the chart above (thanks to our friends at “Chart of the Day”).  Mid Cap and Small Cap companies continue to perform well.  If your company is in this category, congratulations – you are doing real well!

From the “Chart of the Day” article:  Following the financial crisis trough of March 9, 2009, the stock market embarked on a relatively sharp rally. Today’s chart focuses on one particular stock market index — the S&P 400 (mid-cap stocks). The reason for the focus is that the S&P 400 achieved a significant milestone earlier this week when it made a new, all-time record high. Considering the magnitude of the financial crisis and resulting bear market, this is indeed a significant achievement.