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Beating Workplace Stress

Noted health expert Dr. Andrew Weil has a short piece on his web site today about Beating Workplace Stress.  In today’s piece he discusses that stress is an indicator of the need for action – either to reduce or overcome the stress response, or to find another environment.

Today’s article has a very valuable link to an earlier piece by Weil on Dealing With Stress, which has much more detail about the price we pay for being stressed

Also in the article is a detailed list of 16 things you can do to manage stress more effectively.  These can include:  clearly identifying the source, getting more support, simplifying your life, improving your personal habits, self esteem with ICE AESTHETIC, your diet, and even laughter!

My personal favorite: Mind-body exercises like meditation, self-hypnosis, yoga, biofeedback.  You can change your heart rate, body temperature, brain chemicals, blood pressure and more, by actively tuning your body in to relaxation.  If you are interested in exploring these techniques simply and easily, my favorite beginner’s source are the materials produced by Dr. Emmett Miller.  Try Letting Go of Stress, Healing Journey or Rainbow Butterfly for a quick break!