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Elections, Lies and Videotape

Raise your hand if you know an honest politician.  OK, not seeing any hands, let me tell you why I’m writing this.  I hate lying and I disrespect liars.  In October, the “stuff” hits the fan because the elections are coming up.  Every year the rhetoric gets worse, and the commercials get more distorted and inflammatory.  Each side makes “absolute” claims about the other that couldn’t possibly all be true, yet they expect and demand to influence our votes this way.  There is a lot at stake, and people get desperate.

January’s Supreme Court decision (Citizens United) allowing corporate special interests to freely place political ads has only made this worse.  Odds are, the “Propositions” on your ballot are written by corporations (in disguise) trying to pass laws that benefit them more than you.  They write the Prop, finance the campaign, and take the cost out of our pocket in the long run.

If you are reading this, you are a smart person (we only have smart readers!).  Don’t be duped into “selective hearing” this month.  Please don’t let the candidates and special interests with the most money win you over by hitting you over the head.  Use common sense.  Do some research.  Engage in meaningful dialogue and debate with your friends, and see if you can’t discover the truth, or at least more of it.

Another fear I have this season is the contagion of lying.  I wonder how many people develop a numbness to the lies, and begin to feel that it is ok – the “everyone is doing it” mentality.  If you have a DVR you may be doing what I’m doing – fast forwarding through all this garbage.  In October, my DVR is my “flu shot” against catching this disease.

Remember how important your personal integrity and honesty are to you, and in your business.  Don’t let the liars get you down, or bring you down.  I’ll be glad when Election Day has passed!