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Employee Recognition and Motivation Week (not actually a real holiday)

I received an e-mail promo with this heading, and thought, gee, wasn’t that in March? It isn’t actually about a real holiday week. The promo is for a Training Course by Workplace Training Center, and they are simply calling the week-long course by this name. This made me think, it isn’t such a bad idea for employers to be thinking about recognition and training more than one-week per year!
There are detailed descriptions of each day’s program. Just reading about the individual one-hour daily courses is enough to increase your awareness:

  • Is your Employee Recognition Program working?
  • The Levity Effect: Why It Pays to Lighten Up
  • Why You Want to Be Known as a Great Place to Work
  • Motivating a Demoralized Workforce: Getting to the Source of TRUE Motivation
  • Bud to Boss: How to Motivate the People Who Used to Be Your Colleagues

WTC is offering this on CD and Live, next week. I have no idea how good the course is, and I’m not specifically endorsing it, but if you do visit their site, whether you take the course or not, you will remind yourself what you need to be doing every day to keep your employees productive, happy, loyal and motivated.