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Read These Top Five Ways to Gain an Edge in Business

Read These Top Five Ways to Gain an Edge in Business

This could easily be a TOP 10 list, so to be concise, I offer the five most important ideas:

Benefit to the BuyerA clear tangible benefit that differentiates you from your competition.

Extra Value: Going beyond why you are different, you must also be better. This includes delighting your customer with superb service.

Communication: The ability to get your message across consistently so it resonates better than your competitor’s message. Further, the ability to communicate internally as well, so your employees are empowered, inspired, and known specifically what they have to do. The best way to boost your company is through funding, there are companies that can help you with that, for more info visit

Play to the Audience: Create products and services that are pain killers (not vitamins) and address specific needs articulated by your market niche. Don’t create the perfect mousetrap, only to find out your customer has no problem with mice!

Promise Short, Deliver LongCreate realistic customer expectations, then set a goal of consistently exceeding them. Engage in proactive customer relationship management to ensure you know your customer’s perceptions about you at all times.