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Stepping in a New River

Bear with me… I usually give very concrete advice, and today I’m going to philosophize.

Heraclitus, who felt that change was central to the universe said (around 500 BC), “You could not step twice into the same river; for other waters are ever flowing on to you.” In other words, a river is never static, it is in each moment a different river, because the water keeps flowing. Just as each moment brings new water down the river; each moment brings a new experience into our existence. What happened just now is now over.

It takes effort to embrace change. We are creatures of habit – we expect to step into that same river. At my advanced age (jk) learning something new or experiencing something differently is a great thing – a true delight. Most of us experience new things through filters based on our similar previous experiences – we play old tapes in our head. It actually takes work to see things without that set of filters. Letting go, clearing the head to see things as they are, or even to just see them fresh, with new eyes, or to be open to a new point of view, is not automatic. But, practice does improve the art.

Friday night is a good time to clear stuff out. Start the weekend with a blank-slate attitude, and I’ll bet you will step into a new river. Happy wading.