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The Sequester: Who, What, Why, Where, When

The Sequester is looming, and will go into effect on March 1, if Congress and the White House don’t come up with an alternative solution. Plowing through all the rhetoric, there is a simple and complete explanation of what we are facing in THIS ARTICLE from the Christian Science Monitor. The article decodes what comprises the sequester, what will be impacted, what will happen to the economy right away this year, what will happen next year and beyond. It also looks at who is to blame (everyone?), who voted for it, and more.  Also take a look at THIS VIDEO from yahoo, that accompanied the article on their news re-post.

I personally believe there will be an 11th hour solution, and the sequester will either be averted or yet again postponed.  There are too many cuts that will hurt too many people.  It is one of the dumbest of all the “manufactured crises” that our dysfunctional government has come up with in recent years!