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“Values” Investing – Nicolas Berggruen Pays it Forward

An Op-Ed interview in today’s Los Angeles Times introduces Nicolas Berggruen, a billionaire who according to his organization’s web site, made money the old fashioned way, by “Value Investing”, and who is now dispensing philanthropy by “Values Investing”.  He invests not only in things that can enrich his portfolio, but also change the world.  His non-profit work, including The Nicolas Berggruen Charitable Trust and Nicolas Berggruen Institute support the arts and especially good governance.  He has put $20 million into the Think Long Committee for California, to further structural change to restore excellence in California government that will enable our state to set an example for the nation and the world, as we did 50 years ago with the University of California system and our water ways.

I found everything I read about Berggruen to be very inspiring, and encourage our readers to explore what he has done.  He sets a fantastic example for what successful people can do to pay it forward.