Our Difference

Excellence in executive search brings you great results. Here is why BOB Search achieves excellence every time:


We are passionate about getting you a high performance management hire that will positively impact your bottom line.


We are driven to do everything it takes to get your project done on time, with high quality results, within budget.


A Principal of the firm manages your project. The leadership team of BOB Search (4) has over 100 years of experience in creating an impact with excellent hires. Meet the team.


We are experts in Aerospace, Defense, Industrial, Manufacturing, and Technical Services companies. We have over 40 years of knowledge in these domains.

Track Record

We have a national reputation for solid performance. 75% of our business is repeat and referral with/from current clients. Please see our Clients page to learn more.


Our Our Performance-Based Search System is precise and comprehensive in identifying, recruiting, evaluating, and presenting a slate of well-qualified people to give you great choices.


We will develop an understanding of your culture and what it will take to create a great fit with you and your team.

Communication and Follow Through

We believe in strong dialogue and calibration with our clients. You will be impressed with our reports, our regular contact, and our responsiveness.


The right choice in an executive search firm is a firm that acts as your Strategic Partner, advocating your interests and positively representing you in the talent marketplace.

Value Add

We save you time, we increase the quality of the hire, and by placing a high-impact “A”-player, we ensure you will achieve your company goals on schedule.

Talent Management Services

In addition to Executive Search, BOB Search has significant additional expertise, experience, and competency in Management Assessment, Organizational Analysis, Compensation Design, Executive Coaching, Candidate Sourcing, Recruitment Training, and more. Learn about our Talent Management Suite.

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Read our articles and news

Read our articles and news

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Will You Relocate for Your Next Opportunity?

Will You Relocate for Your Next Opportunity?

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Getting an Offer Accepted without Negotiation
Getting an Offer Accepted without Negotiation

Getting an Offer Accepted without Negotiation

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