Executive Advisory Program

In addition to executive search services, BOB Search leverages over 40 years of experience to offer our Executive Advisory Program, a great introduction to a full retained search. Utilizing our expertise, we will help you create a customized Performance Based Position Profile and hiring plan specific to your organization’s goals and objectives.


BOB Search will first assess and gain an understanding for your organization. We will partner with you to assist with

Understanding Corporate Goals

  • Define specific, measurable goals for the company and your team.

Functional Process Definition

  • Define key functions within your organization.

Organizational Charts

  • We act as a sounding board for changes you are considering to your organizational structure and offer feedback based on what we’ve see in the market.


  • Provide input on steps within your organization to reach corporate goals.

After we have taken all measures to understand your business and you have a developed sense of the gaps / open position(s), we will then create a Performance Based Position Profile for each role. Please click here to see examples of how your custom position profile will look.

To develop the position profile, we will:

  • Define the performance objectives for the position, including specific, tangible, measurable goals with an action plan for how the results are to be achieved. This section of our profile becomes a personal business plan for the executive.
  • Define the evaluation criteria that would be used at year end to measure the executive’s performance. This is often used by clients as the basis for MBO or incentive compensation.
  • Define the ideal background, experience, education, skills, and character traits that would be needed in a successful candidate.
  • Describing the reporting relationship; how the new executive interfaces with the company leadership, including an Org Chart.

These position profiles go beyond duties and responsibilities. We create a business plan with actionable objectives and measures of success for the position. This will act as an all-encompassing, structured job description for your company and the candidate, as well as a tool for recruitment.

Through completion of the Executive Advisory Program, you will receive the completed profile (usually four to six pages), with a logical, clear and objective set of criteria for the management team to use as a common basis for evaluating potential candidates that the company may identify on its own.

Candidate Assessment

If you have an internal candidate from your network who might be a fit, BOB Search can perform a Candidate Assessment, consisting of our rigorous interview process, comprehensive candidate summary, and feedback on the candidate’s fit for the role.

The Executive Advisory Program is an excellent first step in identifying your next leader and developing the framework for a full retained search. Throughout this process, you and your company will gain a partner in executive management. BOB Search’s expertise and organizational knowledge with aerospace, defense, and industrial manufacturing will help guide you to strengthening and improving your company. Additionally, we offer compensation planning and advisement to help you establish a competitive opportunity within the industry.

We would be happy to start a conversation and see if this could be the best next step for your organization. Please provide contact information below to learn more.

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