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BOB Search is a premier private equity recruiting firm employing tailor-fit executive search methods to continuously deliver the most suitable leaders for portfolio businesses and new acquisitions. We have in-depth knowledge and relevant experience elevating the performance of various management teams in their portfolio companies. Due to our unmatched dedication and venture capital recruiting expertise, we have remained unrivaled in the venture capital and private equity recruiting industry. Our demonstrated success placing candidates within these roles are a result of a clear understanding of what is required by the holding firms: increased profit, focused on clear objectives to drive optimum performance, and shortening the holding period to achieve the greatest margins for the firm.

For over 40 years, BOB Search has been the leader in aerospace & defense executive search. Our extensive experience has accorded us valuable knowledge in acquiring success in private equity recruiting: a sense of urgency, a proactive approach with minimal support needed, and high adaptability to quickly prepare for the next transaction. At BOB Search, we deliver top-caliber candidates that meet or exceed your expectations.

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    Utilizing our industry leading Performance Based Search System, we are quickly able to identify, evaluate, and attract executives for these portfolio companies who will maximize shareholder value and accelerate transactions.

    We have completed private equity executive recruiting projects to the Aerospace, Defense, and Manufacturing industries for the following functional disciplines at the senior executive level:

    Our Private Equity Recruiting Process

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    Private Equity Executive Search FAQs

    Our reputation is unsurpassed in the aerospace and defense sector. Most of our business arrives via referral from satisfied and repeat customers. Our clients include global multi-billion public companies, private equity-owned independent businesses, and everything in between. We work nationally across the US, internationally in Europe, and locally in Southern California.

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    We will develop a performance-based position profile that focuses on the specific results you need from the position. This helps us as a recruiting tool as it attracts the passive candidates and cleanly evaluates each individual candidate to ensure a precise fit. We then develop a pipeline of 200+ candidates who will be a precise fit for this search. We reach out in multiple ways until we have contacted 70%+ of the candidates. From there, we find 10 prospects and submit the 3-5 best candidates. This includes a detailed candidate summary of their entire work history, their compensation, and relocation issues, as well as their resume. You will have every detail needed to make a decision.

    BOB Search is a name that is known amongst candidates in aerospace and defense. They take our calls, they return our calls, and they give us referrals (and confidential references) because we are a trusted name in the market.

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    While all of our profile are custom and all vary, we do have sanitized examples to illustrate the comprehensive profile you will receive. Please click links below to see examples:


    A full search process can be completed in 3 months. The first half of that time is our sourcing, recruiting and submitting a slate of candidates, and the second half is the employer processing time, including first and second interviews, referencing, background checks, extension and acceptance of offer, candidate giving notice, etc.

    Retained search provides greater value than contingency in many ways. Here is a comparison:

    BEST CANDIDATEDeliver the first three candidates they can find. May or may not be a fit.Deliver the best three (or more) candidates after a thorough search, giving you a better choice and better fit.
    High-level candidates hang up on contingency recruiters. All you see are active job seekers – not always the best candidates.A good retained search firm, known in their domain, will get through to many more candidates, giving you a higher yield of passive candidates (non-active job seekers)
    TIME COMMITMENTMust work 3 times as many assignments, since not all will result in payment. Gives you one third the effort.Fills every assignment they get, so can accept fewer assignments, and devote 3 times the effort.
    From their own files – usually active job seekers.Custom sourcing to your precise needs – increased accuracy of fit.
    Usually look at 20-30 resumes.Cast a wide net. Reach out to 250+ candidates.
    Superficial review. In-depth review of motivation, compensation, relocation, job history, and specific capability to do the job.
    WHAT YOU RECEIVEResume only.Complete package with summary of findings, and candidate write-up on capabilities to deliver results you need.
    FEEAbout the same as retained.About the same as
    VALUE1/3 of value of retained.3 times the value of contingency.

    We do searches in several leadership positions in Aerospace, Defense, Technology, and Industrial Manufacturing every year. They vary depending on the client needs, but the sourcing process we complete to precisely identify who you need in this role is the same on every project. We will find candidates that can do your exact role and ensure that the candidates we submit are of the highest caliber.

    We are a boutique executive search firm that exclusively serves the Aerospace, Defense and Industrial Manufacturing industries. We complete between 40 and 60 searches per year across all business functions including engineering, sales and marketing, human resources and operational leadership roles, for C-level and executive leadership positions.

    When an employer client is committed to making the hire, our success rate is 90%+. Occasionally our clients discontinue a search due to their own internal business decisions.

    Although our contract states we deliver candidates within 6-8 weeks, we aim to deliver closer to 4-6 weeks. Naturally, when targeting passive candidates and building a pipeline of 200+ people, it takes a little longer for them to respond than a typical applicant pool.

    You will find that the standard time for a retained search is about 3 months. Half of this time is your time. We are presenting a candidate slate to you, and the remainder of the time is spent with interviews, extending an offer, and waiting for a candidate to give notice to their current employer.

    We will do an in-depth analysis of your company, including a site visit when possible, conversations with your key executives and stakeholders, and completion of our unique 18-point questionnaire. Our candidates tell us that we know our clients and the search parameters better than any search firm they’ve experienced previously. This ensures a great fit in your company.

    Private equity recruiting agencies specialize in locating candidates with the right experience and expertise for executive positions in private equity firms. Venture capital recruiting agencies have seasoned private equity recruiters with comprehensive knowledge of the private equity industry and therefore know what qualities and experience each executive candidate must possess to fill the c-level position. 

    At BOB Search, we utilize our performance-based search system to ensure each client is connected with high-performing candidates with skills, experience, and attributes that match the executive position’s requirements. Instead of opting for a general headhunter with limited venture capital experience, consider working with our accomplished private equity recruiters. 

    Venture capital recruiting experts have extensive knowledge and experience in connecting firms with top-class executives with private-equity experience. At BOB Search, our comprehensively trained private equity recruiters can source the best-fit candidates for your private equity company.

    On top of our superior venture capital recruiting team, we also utilize the performance-based search system in all our searches to ensure a customized method for each client. Our highly strategic, custom-fit approach to private equity recruiting, paired with our excellent team, guarantees consistently successful executive searches.

    We would be happy to start a conversation and see if this could be the best next step for your organization.

    Please provide contact information below to learn more.

      How Can We Assist?

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