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Excellence in Executive Search depends upon more than good networking. To achieve your desired bottom line results, and take your company to the next level, a great hire must be able to execute specific, tangible objectives. The Performance-Based Search System begins with that end in mind, defines those critical results with you, and enables us to attract the best performers. With targeted custom sourcing and an extremely accurate assessment process, we provide candidates with full confidence they can do the job. Please take a tour of the Performance Based Search System below, or view/print the entire process HERE.

Understanding Company / Position

We want to know how the new executive will fit into your plans and environment. First, we’ll visit your site, understand your current culture and goals, as well as the issues and challenges you are facing.  With this insight, we develop a detailed Performance-Based Position Profile focused on the specific results you need from the hire. We also identify the values, beliefs, and character traits the successful candidate must possess to fit in your culture, and succeed in producing the desired outcomes.

Research /
Project Set-Up

Our expert in-house sourcing team finds candidates other firms can’t – high performing “A Players” and “passive” candidates (not active job-seekers).  From the recruitment roadmap previously created, we develop a comprehensive strategy for sourcing and research. Defining key companies, industries, and associations, our understanding of your business is leveraged to design a full research approach. Every project is custom-sourced to your specific needs.

Recruit / Evaluate Candidates

Our Performance-Based Position Profile and process enable us to recruit precisely targeted individuals for background and experience, motivation, and the specific ability to achieve your critical results. We also attract a higher yield of great candidates, because “passive” candidates want to know the objectives for the role, and why the position represents a career move for them. Once we determine the candidate can fulfill your mandate, we also learn the person’s values, beliefs, goals, priorities, motivation, work style, etc. to ensure a great fit in your culture.

Client Evaluation

We present a detailed candidate package which includes highlights of capabilities, work history, motivation, compensation analysis, etc., in addition to the candidate’s resume. We also obtain and present the candidate’s own written response to the performance objectives. This complete profile ensures that you will clearly see why the candidate is a fit. We also assist in arranging interviews, and provide our clients with an interview guide, tips, and assistance on preparing your team for the interviews – everything to make your evaluation as easy and effective as possible. See samples of candidate packages:

Closing / Onboarding

Once the ideal candidate is selected, we advise and assist by extending the offer and obtaining candidate acceptance. We also facilitate the onboarding transition of the successful candidate to your company with consultation during the resignation and relocation process.

After the new hire is on board, we help to clarify, refine, and achieve alignment on the expectations and communication style with the employer and the new executive, to ensure early and continuing success.

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Step 5 Weeks 11‑13

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