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BOB Search’s Executive Defense Recruiters for the defense industry are guided by an elite team of specialists within the defense industry with leading success since  1979. Since our launching and collaboration with Northrop Grumman in the 1980s on their mass hiring initiative for the B-2 program, we have been dedicated to delivering the best candidates in the defense industry. We consistently perform top-tier executive recruiting and provide top-caliber candidates to our clients.

Our defense recruiters stay current with market trends to continuously provide top-tier executive recruiting services. As one of the leading defense executive search firms, our team  has unmatched expertise in various sectors within an organization, including engineering, business development, operations, finance, quality, and more across the executive level in various manufacturing environments. Additionally, we constantly elevate the level of talent we provide, which extends to all functions in the industry. A strong leader increases the capabilities of those who surround them, encouraging performance to meet the objectives established.As a top-tier executive recruiting firm, we have invested in building and maintaining excellent partnerships with our clients in the defense industry. This results in valuable leaders in defense companies proving to be key players in their organizations. At BOB Search, we connect companies with top-performing leaders with attributes and work styles that match their organization. We identify the unique characteristics of each company, define the culture and necessary steps to grow to the next level, and with this information, we identify the candidate that meets your unique role.

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    We consider value on capital and recognize that our consistent results are directly correlated to the strategic partnerships we establish with our customers. These partnerships have led to hiring executives who lead their organizations into success.

    In addition to defense recruitment, BOB Search specializes in other executive hiring needs such as Aeroscope Executive recruiting, Industrial manufacturing recruiting, and Private Equity recruiting. The quality services and attention we provide to our clients are unmatched and we work tirelessly to provide only the best.

    Boyle Ogata Bregman places leaders in the following segments:

    • Prime Defense Contractors
    • Unmanned Vehicles / UAV
    • Satellite, Satellite Services, & Space Systems
    • Land Systems
    • Navy/Maritime
    • Aerostructures
    • Defense Electronics
    • Engine and Engine Systems
    • Specialty Defense Systems & Services
    • Cybersecurity, Intelligence Services, & Homeland Defense
    • Aerostructures
    • Components & Subsystems
    • Precision Machined and Cast Parts – Mechanical and Electrical
    • Sensors & C4ISR
    • Aircraft Interiors
    • Composites & Materials
    • Connectors / Misc Electronic Components
    • Test Instrumentation
    • Navigation / GPS
    • Government Services, IT Services & Software
    • Engineering & Project Management
    • Simulation & Training Systems
    • Test & Measurement
    • Distribution

    How Defense Executive Search
    Recruiters Are Different

    Our consistency is through a meticulous, structured approach to recruitment. An objective process, a strong existing network of contacts, and a highly specialized research team guides us to delivering the best candidates for your role. Our defense recruiters share the same passion and focus for:

    • Passion And Commitment — Like BOB Search, our defense headhunters are highly passionate about and committed to connecting clients with the best-fit, high-performing defense industry leaders. 
    • Executive Search Experience — As a top-tier executive recruiting firm, we have over forty years of knowledge and experience in defense, industrial industries, and aerospace, enabling our team to recruit the best for our clients.
    • Communication — We are committed to maintaining an open dialogue and transparent communication with our clients. We offer detailed transaction reports, maintain regular contacts, and are constantly ready and available to respond to our clients.
    • Executive Recruitment Search Firm Partnership – The best defense recruiters consider clients as their strategic partners and look out for their best interests. By partnering with our clients, we can advocate for their interests and provide excellent representation in the talent marketplace.

    Our Clients

    Our Defense Industry Recruiting Process

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    please visit our contact us page for additional contact information.

    Executive Defense Recruiters Search FAQs

    We have an unmatched reputation as top-tier executive defense recruiters in the aerospace and defense industry. Most of our business is referrals from past clients impressed with our defense executive search service. We have a wide range of customers from private equity-owned independent businesses to global multi-billion public companies and many others. 

    We have a vast market base where we are available internationally in Europe, nationally across the United States of America, and locally in Southern California. We take pride in the quality and outstanding service offered to our clients. 

    We are committed to offering the best service to our clients, so we have developed a performance-based position profile with the primary focus on helping our clients fill executive positions with a custom-fit, top-performing leadership team. We ensure to provide our clients with the best-fit candidates that exceed expectations.

    To maintain top-tier executive recruiting services, our team of executive defense recruiters creates a pipeline of over two hundred candidates with skills and experience that meet or exceed the position’s requirements. We contact over 70% of the selected candidates, further vet ten prospects, and select three to five to refer to our clients. As one of the industry’s premier defense executive search firms, we offer our clients comprehensive candidate profiles, including their resume, work history, compensation, and relocation issues, among other essential details. 

    BOB Search’s defense recruiters team maintains an esteemed reputation in the defense industry market. We hold a reputable position among aerospace and defense candidates with whom we maintain a strong communication channel with. They take our calls, return them, and provide us referrals and confidential references. Through our methodical and customized performance-based search process, we can continuously connect our clients with highly skilled executives to lead their companies.

    As defense recruiters, we have customized profiles that vary according to our clients’ positions. The profiles for the CEO, CFO, GM, VP SALES/MARKETING/BD, and VP OPERATIONS may include various details, as discussed below:

    The entire search process can be completed in three months, divided into two halves. During the first half, our defense headhunters source, recruit and deliver a roster of potential candidates. In the second half, our clients take their time to interview and select the best candidate.

    After the initial and final interviews, background checks, referencing, extension and acceptance of offers, and candidates giving notices, your new leader is ready for onboarding. The time for the search is equally divided between the search firm and the client to ensure that we work together to get the best candidates.

    Retained defense executive search firms are much more valuable and advantageous than contingency firms in various ways, as discussed herein. Retained firms provide three or more of their best candidates after a thorough search, providing you with a better choice or fit. In contrast, contingency firms deliver the first 3-5 candidates solely based on work experience. Retained firms have credibility with their candidates; they give you a high yield of passive candidates. 

    Retained firms’ defense headhunters are committed in terms of time management. Retained firms source candidates extensively, while contingency firms get active job seekers from their files. Retained defense executive search firms have over 200 candidates from which they vet, while contingency firms select from at most 20-30 resumes.

    Retained executive defense recruiters have a quality evaluation done of their clients with an in-depth review of compensation, job history, motivation, relocation, and specific capability to the job. At the same time, contingency firms offer an external review. Retained defense recruiters provide a complete summary of findings and the candidates’ write-up on their capabilities to deliver the employer’s desired results. At the same time, contingency firms provide the resume only. Retained defense recruiters have three times the value contingency offers, while contingency firms give 1/3 of the value offered by retained firms. They, however, charge about the same amount of fee.

    As one of the leading defense executive search firms, we offer several search programs for various industries, including Aerospace, Defense, Technology, and Industrial Manufacturing. We are a top-tier executive recruiting firm with varying services depending on each client’s needs. We have a comprehensive sourcing process to deliver the best candidate and fit for the position. We complete at least 40 and 60 searches across all business functions in a year, including marketing, engineering sales, resource and operational leadership, and executive leadership positions.

    With reputable executive defense recruiters, we manage a 90% success rate. However, some clients discontinue the defense executive search process due to internal decisions.

    Although our contract dictates we deliver candidates between 6-8 weeks, we make every effort to connect clients with potential clients within 4-6 weeks. Due to our large pool of over 200 candidates, we may get delays in responses from them, but we don’t let this deter us from delivering. 

    The standard time for searching and getting candidates is three months which we divide equally between ourselves and our clients. We use the first half to source, vet, and present to you, then you use the other half with interviews, an extension of offers, and waiting for candidates to give notices to their current employers.

    Having us as your executive defense headhunters means having a defense executive search team that views you as strategic partners in success. To achieve this, we perform an extensive analysis of your company. We also engage in site visits when deemed possible and have you fill out a unique, 18-point questionnaire. We hold conversations with your primary stakeholders and executives to ensure we deliver the best candidate. 

    We have received positive reviews from our candidates and clients, letting us know our search parameters are superior to other defense executive search firms. We pride ourselves on this and are committed to continuously providing exceptional defense executive search services.

    We would be happy to start a conversation and see if this could be the best next step for your organization. Please provide contact information below to learn more.

    Please provide contact information below to learn more.

      How Can We Assist?

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