Industrial Manufacturing Recruiting

BOB Search’s executive search work in the industrial manufacturing arena is a function of its adjacency to the aerospace and defense markets. Our clients in this industry all have connections within aerospace and defense. We are sought for our expertise in delivering executives with a strong background in manufacturing within the aerospace and defense industries as a result of our reputation for prestige and excellence.

Covering all industrial manufacturing, BOB Search confidently operates in this industry and has a strong history of bringing highly qualified candidates to a variety of companies.

Our recruiters have a developed, in-depth understanding and knowledge within the industrial market to bring top talent to their clients. We maintain constant awareness of market trends and are driven to continuously elevate the level of talent we deliver. Our expertise extends to all functions within an organization including sales & marketing, engineering, operations, finance, human resources, manufacturing, business development, quality, and technical disciplines.

Our partnerships with clients have resulted in key hires of leaders that guide their company to succeed beyond expectations, as well as complementary cultural fits within the organization.

Over the past 40 years, BOB Search has taken a unique approach to executive search within the aerospace, defense, and industrial manufacturing industries. Using our Performance Based Search System, BOB Search brings leaders to smart companies. Call 949-220-0896 or contact BOB Search to begin recruiting your next leader.