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Industrial Manufacturing

BOB Search is a manufacturing executive recruitment agency specializing in aerospace, defense, industrial, and manufacturing industries.

We have remained an esteemed industrial executive search firm thanks to our over 40 years of executive recruitment experience. BOB Search’s prestigious and excellent reputation is well established in the manufacturing industry and has extensive experience in providing the best candidates. 

Our recruiters have a comprehensive understanding of the industrial manufacturing industry to provide our clients with world-class talent. We monitor market dynamics to continuously provide the best-fit talent for the position. We excel in several functions within the organization, including engineering, human resources, business development, operations, supply chain, finance, sales and marketing, manufacturing, and other technical areas. Clients who have partnered with us have hired leaders with leaders that complement their company culture and aided in their organizational growth.

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    Boyle Ogata Bregman places leaders in the following segments:

    • Complex Machining
    • Assembly
    • Fabrication
    • Plating / Treating
    • Integration and Testing
    • Forging
    • Casting
    • Precision Machining
    • Power Generation
    • Fluid / Flow Control

    How Executive Search
    Recruiters Are Different

    There’s no real secret as to why our recruiters yield great results. Each one of our executive search recruiters are driven by BOB Search’s promise:

    • Passion & Commitment – We expect all of our high-performance management hires to have passion for their industry because we’re passionate in bringing our clients only top-tier clients.
    • Executive Search Experience – An executive search principal of the firm, with over 40 years of knowledge in aerospace, defense, and industrial industries, will manage your project. Meet the Executive Search Team.
    • Communication – We believe in complete transparency and strong dialogue with our clients. We pride ourselves with our responsiveness, regular contact, and our detailed reports.
    • Executive Recruitment Search Firm Partnership – The right choice in an executive search firm is one that acts as your strategic partner. We strive to advocate your interests and positive representation your company in the talent marketplace.

    Our Clients

    Our Industrial Recruiting Process

    For further discussion on how BOB Search can assist you with your executive hiring needs,
    please visit our contact us page for additional contact information.

    Manufacturing Recruitment

    As one of the top executive recruiting firms, our manufacturing recruiters have extensive knowledge and proven experience in industrial manufacturing executives with backgrounds in the aerospace and defense industries. Below is a review of our industrial recruiting sector.

    Industrial Recruiting

    Internationalization, acquisitions and mergers, vertical integrations, and strategic partnerships all necessitate senior executives. Companies require internationally oriented leaders to take advantage of the new global industrial climate as the manufacturing industry expands. Industrial organizations are very different today than they were a decade ago. Finding the appropriate personnel to lead and inspire has never been more vital. 

    However, hiring eligible executives has never been easier, thanks to manufacturing recruiting firms. Top executive recruiting firms like BOB Search have a fantastic track record in identifying and recruiting for many of the world’s leading industrial companies. At BOB Search, our clients range from global automobile manufacturers, heavy construction, specialized electronics manufacturing, and more.

    Industrial Manufacturing FAQ’s

    As a manufacturing executive recruiter, our reputation precedes us. We have the best and unrivaled reputation in the defense, industrial, and aerospace industries. The majority of our upcoming projects come from satisfied and returning customers. Our clients vary from global multi-billion-dollar public firms to private equity-owned small companies and growing organizations. We operate locally in Southern California, nationally across the US, and internationally in Europe.

    Unlike other manufacturing executive search firms, we create performance-based job profiles for our projects. These profiles focus on the exact objectives a client is looking for. To ensure a precise fit, we develop a pipeline of over 200 candidates, find 10 prospects to interview and submit the 3 best candidates. With the BOB Search process, we can draw in and thoroughly examine potential candidates before presenting you to ensure they represent your ideal, your profile, and can deliver the results you require.

    While each profile varies and is unique, we have prepared an example to show you the detailed profile you will receive.

    The complete search process can be completed in three months. The first half is allotted to sourcing, recruiting, and submitting the selected candidates. The second half of the process is allocated to employer processing time, including first and second interviews, referencing and background checks, extension and acceptance of offer, candidate giving notice, etc.

    Retained search outperforms contingency in so many ways. Contingency firms are usually focused on active job seekers in their own candidate source pool that meets a position’s qualifications. Retained firms perform a more thorough search that includes high-performing passive candidates to ensure the best candidates are considered, not just those actively searching. The retained search method provides clients with candidates that best fit the position. You can find more information below.

    We are an executive search company focused exclusively on the aerospace, defense, and industrial industries. We find top-caliber candidates for each executive position through a tailored sourcing process based on your qualifications. We perform 40 to 60 searches for senior and executive positions in all company departments each year. We help fill C-level and executive leadership positions in various business functions, including sales and marketing, engineering, marketing, and other operational leadership roles.

    In the field of Executive Search, our recruiters have a success rate of over 90%. At times, clients stop searching due to internal business decisions.

    Although our contract specifies that candidates would be delivered in 6-8 weeks, we strive to provide in 4-6 weeks. We take into account the passive candidates in the pipeline that take longer to respond compared to the typical applicant pool. This comprehensive process ensures the best candidates are considered, not just the ones actively looking. The first half of the search process is allocated to sourcing and selecting candidates, and the remainder is allotted to interviews, extending an offer, and waiting for a candidate to give notice to their current employer.

    We perform an in-depth assessment of your company, including a site visit if possible, meetings with key management executives and stakeholders, and conduct a proprietary 18-point questionnaire. This ensures the candidates presented to you not only meet your requirements in terms of qualifications but attributes as well.

    Manufacturing executives can be rare to find. These occupations require diverse talents and candidates with desirable attributes. Challenges in the marketplace are constant and we overcome these obstacles through a rigorous, thorough process.

    We would be happy to start a conversation and see if this could be the best next step for your organization.

    Please provide contact information below to learn more.

      How Can We Assist?

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