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Top 10 Things Your Mangers Aren’t Telling You

Top 10 Things Your Mangers Aren’t Telling You

Here’s a list of things that CEOs almost never hear directly from members of their management team, although it would be useful if they could!

1. “Here’s how to improve your company or product.”

They fear your judgment, or you’re telling them why it won’t work, and they won’t take risks with you. 

2. When the project will really be done. 

Do you give them the room to tell the truth about deadlines?

3. Who, how, or why they don’t get along with another key manager.

No one can NOT look like a team player to you.

4. That they have made a critical mistake.

They can’t bring you bad news without paying a personal price.

5. That a customer is unhappy. 

If you’ve created a “win” all the time atmosphere and you punish the messenger of bad news.

6. That they remember every negative thing you say, and every positive thing. 

It takes 5-10 positives to counter every negative.

7. That they can do more for you.

If you will explore their capabilities thoroughly with them.

8. Why they do or don’t want to work for you.

Resulting in over-paying satisfied people, and losing unsatisfied people.

9. That they want more clarity.

To really want to know what is going on – the good, the bad, and the ugly – because it helps them understand the relevancy of their own work.

10. That they are looking for another job. 

We call them the “mentally unemployed”.