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BOB Search has Reached its 40th Year

Our industry-leading executive search firm focused on aerospace and defense was initially founded in April 1979 by James “Michael” Boyle as J. Michael & Associates. Soon after the firm established itself, it laid a foundation of expertise working alongside Northrop Grumman throughout the early 1980s on the B2 Bomber program.

Forty years later, and still based in Irvine, CA, BOB Search is now a highly sought-after retained executive search firm exclusively providing the most high-performing talent for the aerospace and defense industry. We’ve had continued mastery in finding high-level talent for over 350 clients across the aerospace and defense landscape …

Our excellence in executive search is driven by a strict approach to maintaining focus on the specific and tangible objectives for each new hire position. The success we’ve had in finding and attracting top performers within aerospace and defense steams from our targeted and customized sourcing method. Our team’s refined and skilled assessment process has brought us 40 years of being a gateway for many aerospace and defense projects to be matched with top talent.

Over the past 40 years, BOB Search has become a leading retained executive search firm in the aerospace and defense industry. We uphold and deliver prowess nationally at the executive level across all functions of an organization – Operations, Sales, Engineering, Supply Chain, Finance and beyond.

As our industry-leading executive search firm makes the transition into its next chapter of precedence, CEO Michael Boyle reflected on the 40th-anniversary marker.

 “It makes me so proud to see what BOB Search has become and how we are positioned, as we begin the transition to our next generation of leadership at the firm. We could not have made it to this point without the contributions of many people, past and present at the firm but I must particularly thank my former partners, Keith Ogata and Mark Bregman, along with long time recruiters, Nick Zanze and Teri Formanek.”

Mr. Boyle went on to thank clients and reminisced on the beginnings of BOB Search’s legacy that formed throughout the 1980s.

“We cut our teeth in the 1980s supporting Northrop and sincerely thank them for their contributions to the collective domain expertise at the firm today.  It also makes me extremely proud to see people we placed in mid-level roles in the 1980s and 1990s serving in executive leadership capacities across the industry today.”

Comradery, teamwork, and authentic leadership have led Boyle Ogata Bregman Executive Search to its 40th year with a bright future and outlook to the next 40.