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Top Ten Worst CEO Traits

Top Ten Worst CEO Traits

Ever had an awful boss? Perhaps he or she had some or maybe most of these bad traits:

Control Junkie: Has a tough time truly delegating or letting go. Has an opinion about everything.

Being Right: Even if your boss is usually right, it feels bad to think that you are generally wrong.

Rude: Bosses too often fail to say please and thank you, and they don’t take the time for basic politeness.

Gives Blame / Takes Credit: Bad bosses take the credit for what goes right, and blame others for what goes wrong.

Bad Listener: Already formulating a response before you are done talking, because what you have to say doesn’t matter. Even worse, doesn’t even make a pretense of listening.

Withholding: Boss expects you to know and share everything he/she needs to know, but doesn’t tell you enough and keeps secrets.


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Anger: Why are bad bosses so mad? Perhaps they don’t like themselves too much and see their own bad traits in others. In any case, bad bosses feel free to fling anger at you whenever they need to vent.

Kills Messengers: Tells you he wants to know things, but if it is bad news, or even not what he wanted to hear, jumps down your throat.

Win/Lose: Never read The 7 Habits (Covey) and doesn’t understand Win/Win and the art of compromise.

Negativity: Glass is half empty, and always has a reason that your ideas won’t work.

So to end on a positive note, we hope you have a boss who: Delegates well, appreciates input, is gracious, recognizes contributions, listens and hears you, communicates clearly and transparently, is even tempered, accepts bad news well, wants you to win too, and can always see the bright side.